Winter Care Package

Winter – the dreaded season for motorcyclists everywhere! It’s cold, slippy and if that wasn’t enough – come spring, you’ll be finding rust spots all over the bike. This is why we have introduced a new winter care package to help reduce the risk of rust for up to 25 weeks from treatment! (Tested by a third party).

As with all of our services, if you are unable to ride your motorcycle to the garage we can pick up your bike with a fully insured courier at a time that suits you, letting you avoid the cold and saving time and energy in dropping the bike off.

Motorcycle Winter Protection Package

The winter service package is designed to save your bike from the salt and rain, with only the best tried and tested products available on the current market so the protection applied to your bike is always the longest lasting and most effective.

The full process takes between 1 and 2 hours and is completely dependant on the kind of bike. The first phase is to strip any fairings or luggage items that are covering exposed metal so we can begin the cleaning process ready for treatment.

Once the bikes metal components are exposed we begin a three stage cleaning process to all metal work and surfaces liable to corrode in harsh winter weather. through many years of working on bikes we have learned major hotspots that suffer from corrosion and pitting.

After the three stage cleaning process which includes the wash, wax and polish – we can then begin applying the anti corrosion formula. In the images above and below, the corrosion formula has been applied, showing that it does not dull, darken or leave any mess that many other anti corrosion formulas do. This keeps your bike looking shiny and clean whilst also being protected against the elements.

Motorcycle fuel cap with the anti corrosion formula applied. As you can see, even with the formula applied the polished parts of the motorcycle retain their shine, whilst being protected from the elements.
The same motorcycle fuel cap 1 week after having the anti corrosion formula applied and being used in heavy rian conditions. The forumla has not worn off, nor taken the original shine from the polished metal, and is keeping the part protected from rust.

We hear of many people using lithium grease on fork stanchions and various anti corrosion formulas around the bike – all of which leave clear indications they have been treated, whether it’s by the presence of thick layer of grease, or a dulling layer of protective film – the anti corrosion formula used at Throttle God Customs leaves no marks or traces, in fact you can’t even see its there, what we use has been tested by a third party to prevent rust for up to 25 weeks, ensuring you get the most out of your winter protection.

During the rust protection application (using XCP Rust Blocker), we monitor the amount of layers used to coat the bike effectively, meaning that you get a tailored solution to best fit your bike and enable the highest level of rust prevention available. Once this is applied you can expect strong corrosion protection for up to 25 weeks! See the image below for the third party corrosion prevention test against well known brands.

The entire process takes between only 1 or 2 hours depending on the bike and prices start from just £65! considering the cost of new parts and repairs it could end up saving you a lot of money in rust removal or parts replacement in the new year. For more information or to get a hassle -free quote, contact us today on 01706 969 015 or by email at