Rated 5 stars by Motorcycle news - XCP Rust Blocker is high-performance rust protection. Thanks to its fine spray, it can get into even the tightest seams. Covering metal work with a soft film that protects your motorcycle or scooter from that dreaded rust. Plus, with its soft film, it is resistant to cracking. Great for peace of mind knowing your pride and joy will look good as new for longer.

Beating other well-known products when it comes to rust protection, it is really easy to apply you can dip, brush, wipe or spray XCP onto your metalwork.

Use it on exposed metal surfaces, including engine components, suspension, chains and even tools.


Worked wonders this winter.


Great stuff. Not tried any other XCP products yet, but definitely will

James S.

Much better than ACF 50!


Quick delivery, great product.

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XCP Rust Blocker High Performance Corrosion Protection 400ml Aerosol

  • £14.99

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