Our Lextek Alarm will deter thieves from stealing your pride and joy. It is quick and easy to fit if your motorcycle or scooter comes with a 9 pin plug as part of the wiring loom, it is just plug and play. If your bike does not have the 9 pin plug fitted at the factory, then there is a loom supplied that you can wire into your bike. If you are not confident in wiring this yourself, this is an easy task for a competent mechanic or auto electrician. The alarm features a remote start function* so you can stand inside the house or office and watch your bike warm up before venturing out into the winter air or rain**. Should an unscrupulous individual try to make off with your motorcycle or scooter our Lextek Alarm will sound out through the loudspeaker to draw the attention of you or those within the vicinity***. The alarm comes with 2 key fobs and wiring instructions, the unit is small, discrete and easy to find a small space to on the bike to install. We recommend that the speaker is unobstructed by panels or seats so that the full volume of the speaker is not muffled by its surroundings.

*may not function on all models of motorcycle or scooter **running motorcycles or scooters should not be left unattended or unobserved ***please ensure the motorcycle or scooter battery is in good condition, a dead battery will prevent the alarm from operating


2 x Key Fobs (batteries included - MN27)

Sounder/Horn (125dB)

Control Box

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Lextek Alarm with Immobiliser and Remote Start

  • Brand: Lextek
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 Days
  • Availability: 28
  • £23.99

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