Motorcycle Health Inspections & Checks

Motorcycle health shouldn’t just be an MOT once a year, every time your bike goes on the road, you should know it’s always in the best possible condition it could be, not only for your own piece of mind – but also for your safety.

At Throttle God Customs we’re introducing vehicle health checks – these test all the minor and major components of your vehicle so you can see what will need replacing, what will soon need replacing – and even better – what is working as intended.

Our vehicle inspections go from tyre to tyre and include a full written report. These tests take around 30 minutes and cost only £20! The report will detail problem areas and the mechanic who inspects it will show you any issues he has found and describe the problems.

The report will be written up and given to you on completion and you are free to take that anywhere you wish to have it repaired, its a no-hassle inspection for the safety of our customers! Of course, if you wish to have your vehicle repaired by us then we are more than happy to quote for any works.

Motorcycle Pre Mot Check and Inspections

Whether you’ve been riding a motorcycle one day or forty years safety should always be a priority. Our engineers report will provide you with everything you need to know about your bikes needs and help you keep your bike road ready.

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