Custom Motorcycle Parts

From the early beginnings of motorcycles, people everywhere have endeavoured to create their motorcycles in a unique manner, adding custom parts and one off design work.

At Throttle God Customs we can create all manner of custom motorcycle parts on site to make the perfect unique part for your motorcycle that is truly one-off! From initial fabrication to spray/powder coating, you can be assured that the part is ready for installation as soon as we are finished. We can also install the parts for you if you wish.

For custom parts we can talk you through the best material and process and if you need any advice on creating a more unique piece, or adding a bit of flare to it – then we can help out as much as possible.

Custom Metal Work

  • Mudguards
  • Panels
  • Brackets
  • Handlebars
  • Custom Exhausts
  • Number plate holders – eg. Side mounted/Custom tail tidies
  • Metal Polishing
  • Metal Engraving

Without doubt the most sought after parts are formed from sheet metal and moulded into something mind blowing. We deal with all forms of custom metal work on-site, from the initial design to the final shaping through to the paint work on top.

Custom Motorcycle Rear Mudguard
Custom rear mudguard designed, fabricated, powder coated and installed on to a Yamaha Dragstar 650. This used the low profile mudguard style found predominantly in the American custom scene.

Whether you are looking for a sleek low profile mudguard to suit your chopper/cruiser, or simply need a bracket fabricating to hold your new gauges – if you can think of it, we can probably create it!

Custom Motorcycle Exhaust
Custom 1-into-2 exhaust system designed and fabricated for a Honda Grom 125. This was finished off with two matching Pipe Werx Exhaust silencers.

Custom Seats

  • Custom foam creation – thickness/support/shape
  • Custom stitching options
  • Custom shapes to fit existing seat units/follow motorcycle lines

Your seat is where you will spend the most amount of time on your motorcycle, you want something comfy and unique. In the creation of a custom motorcycle seat we begin by creating the foam and having you test how thick and firm you would like the foam – to best suit you.

Once you are happy with the foam we can then move forward with shaping it and applying it to a fabricated base – the base will be designed to use the motorcycles original mounting points (where applicable). Once the foam and base have been created we can move on to creating the cover – here you have a few options, including cover style, colours, custom stitch work and stitching colours. The end result is an undeniable custom seat, designed and fabricated to suit you perfectly.

Motorcycle seat with a refabricated base to allow for instalment to the motorcycle subframe.

Many of the seat units we get through the doors are due to the motorcycles having an aftermarket or modified subframe and therefore no store-bought seat will fit the lines of the subframe correctly. With our seats being fabricated on-site to your specifications, we can ensure that the seat units fit perfectly to the motorcycle frame or follow the lines of the adjacent panels.

Custom Graphics & Decals

  • Print any design
  • Reimagine classic designs
  • Copy classic designs
  • Race replica graphics

Whether you are looking to make your motorcycle pop with custom designed graphics, or are looking to restore a classic motorcycle and need the original decals recreating – Throttle God Customs have you covered!

With experienced graphic designers to design or recreate graphics and the latest software to print them at the highest quality, there is no graphics job too big or too small!

We quite regularly have customers ask to have designs printed which are a reimagination of classic decal/graphic sets – for example, using an original decal style but changing the colours. This gives the motorcycle the retro look, but with a unique twist.

If you need a motorcycle graphic set creating or applying – get in contact today!

Custom Part Installation

  • Low profile / flush fit indicators
  • Integrated / Custom headlights
  • Neon work
  • Clear clutch casings

Not only do we create the custom parts, we can also install them – alleviating you of any potential headaches! We understand that some aftermarket products can be a nightmare to install to a motorcycle, so let us do the hard work for you, while you enjoy your motorcycle to the fullest.

We will install any type of aftermarket of custom parts – whether it is parts created or purchased through us or if it is parts supplied by yourself.

Micro LED motorcycle indicators, installed under the motorcycle subframe behind the rear shocks. The result was that the indicators are difficult to see until activated – giving a sleek look to the motorcycle.

The most common aftermarket parts we get asked to install is custom indicators and headlights – removing the original bulky units for something much better. The most common indicators we work with are the sequential indicators (scrolling when activated) and flush fit/micro indicators, which are hidden from the field of view until activated. If you are looking for new aftermarket parts but not sure where/how they could be installed, or just want advice on the best parts to get – please do not hesitate to ask us, we love talking about motorbikes!

For more information on custom motorcycle parts – contact us today on 01706 969 015 or by email: