Accident Management

Unfortunately motorcycle accidents are a common occurence in the modern world and insurance companies can be less than helpful for the majority of the time. With personal experience from using insurance companies in accidents we have had ourselves we know how much of a nightmare it can be getting back on the road and continuing with day to day life.

Courtesy Hire Bike

Courtesy hire bike delivered to your door in 24 hours

Your bike repaired/replaced

Use McAMS’ trusted mechhanics or choose your own. If it is beyond repair you will get a cheque for it’s full value!

Personal Injury & Loss Of Earnings

Included in your McAMS claim will be any personal injury and loss of earnings!

Free From Paying Excess

No excess to pay

Helmet & Leathers Cover

Helmet, leathers and clothing damage is covered as standard – even if your current policy does not have it included!

Keep your No Claims Bonus

You do not have to make a claim through your insurance.

With insurance companies dragging cases out for months or even over a year, with low valuations of the vehicle involved and trying to pay out as little as possible – it can be a daunting task to go through insurance and can often leave you frustrated with the amount you have received.

As such we have now partnered with McAMS and become an authorised McAMS repairer dealer. But what does this mean to you?

If you have a non-fault accident, McAMS will have you back on the road in 24 hours with a dedicated stock of many types and sizes of motorcycles used as courtesy bikes while they handle your insurance claim.

So who are McAMS?

You may have seen McAMS in the British Superbike Championship – fuelling Tarran Mackenzie and Jason O’Halloran through the season on the new McAMS Yamaha R1’s. But what do McAMS specialise in?

McAMS Motorcycle Accident Management Services

McAMS are the UK’s leading motorcycle accident management company, dealing with thousands of motorcycle accidents every month. Offering the ultimate one call service to help riders get the service possible following an accident.

How is it different to going through your insurance?

  • Courtesy hire bike provided within 24 hours to your doorstep
  • Keep your No Claims Bonus
  • Free from paying excess & all fees billed to the other party
  • Personal Injury & Loss of earnings cover
  • Helmet and Leathers cover

Many riders do not include certain things into their insurance policies – for example: helmet & leathers cover, personal injury & loss of earnings, whilst somethings are ambigous or missing from the policy including use of a hire bike. All of these things are covered with use of McAMS – so you can be assured that you will get full and complete cover whilst getting the best value for your motorcycle, save you from paying excess and getting you the legal help you need.

McAMS preserve your no claims discount, there is no excess to pay and they will have a hire bike to your door within 24 hours!

Furthermore, a McAMS authorised dealer of your choice will be on hand to retrieve, store and fix your motorcycle to a high standard on your behalf.

So what do you do in the event of an accident?

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself victim to a non-fault accident, simply call McAMS’ 24 hour hotline on 0845 054 1000. McAMS’ will then ask which garage you would like the motorcycle taking to and repairing/storing at – which is completely up to yourself unlike with an insurance company. The garage of your choice will then recover and store the bike while McAMS deal with the legal and paperwork side of the case.

You can then enjoy use of a courtesy hire bike while McAMS work tirelessly to ensure that your claim is processed promptly and you are paid as soon as possible, working to get you the maximum compensation.

McAMS Motorcycle Accident Management

You will be eligible for this service if you are over 17 and have been unfortunately involved in a non fault accident.

If you would like some more information on motorcycle accident management services, please feel free to contact us on 01706 969 015 or at