How often should you get your motorcycle serviced?

How often should you get your motorcycle serviced?

11th May 2021 Blog 0
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Motorcycles are increasingly popular due to the freedom and the inexpensive nature of them. However, there is a large misunderstanding on the cost and timing of the service intervals, which are crucial in keeping the longevity of all working parts – especially the engine and drivetrain.

Here we will look at the standard service intervals of all servicable parts and the approximate cost for each – both if you are to undergo the service yourself, or if you were to take it to a garage such as ourselves.

Honda CB650F for service  at Throttle God Customs

Service Intervals

The below service intervals are not bike specific, you should always check your owners manual first. The timescales and mileages given below are used as a general rule of thumb.

General service – This includes oil change, spark plug change and any relevant filters (ie. oil filter, air filter). The general service is the most crucial service as it is maintaining the engine itself. A worn spark plug can cause misfire and dirty or old oil will not provide sufficient lubrication to the moving parts leading to engine seizures and excessive wear. The general service should be carried out every 4,000 miles or every 6 months – whichever comes first.

Motorcycle Oil Change Frequency
Motorcycle oil changes should be carried out every 4,000 miles or every 6 months, as part of a general motorcycle service.

Coolant service – This only applies to liquid cooled motorcycles and includes flushing and refilling the coolant. This is especially important as it is the primary way in such your engine can manage it’s heat and therefore prevent overheating issues. A motorcycle coolant service should be carried out every 2 years.

Motorcycle Chain Service – If you have a motorcycle driven via chain you will know that over time the chain will slacken and (if improperly maintained) may begin to rust, both of these are incredibly undesirable. A slack chain poses the risk of jumping of the sprockets and locking the rear wheel and a rusted or improperly maintained chain poses the risk of snapping. Intervals for motorcycle chain inspections and maintenance vary somewhat dependant on how you ride (aggressively accelerated will lead to the chain stretching more quickly) and the quality of the chain. The general rule is to check, adjust, clean and lubricate your chain every 500 miles – however, it is advisable to check this much more regularly – for example, we check our chains once weekly and average 100 miles per week ,they wont always need adjusting but it is very quick and easy to check the tension and could save a lot of money in the future.

Motorcycle Chain Installation and Maintenance

Motorcycle Brake Service – The brakes are a part of the motorcycle that need no introduction or warning, these are detrimental to your safety and that of the people around you. A general motorcycle brake service includes flushing the brake fluid, rebleeding the brakes, servicing the calipers and inspecting the brake pads. The brake fluid levels should be checked every 200 miles and the full service should be carried out every 2 years.

Always remember to carry out regular checks on your motorcycle including tyre pressures, tyre tread, fork seals, oil levels, brake fluids, brake pads etc.

Is your motorcycle ready for a service?

If you are unsure about the procedures of a service, or would prefer it to be undertaken at a garage – you can book your motorcycle in quickly and easily with ourselves. We also offer motorcycle collection and delivery to make it as seamless as possible. Visit our services page today or contact us on 01706 969 015

For Harley Davidson services, we have an onsite Harley Davidson trained (and ex Harley Davidson dealership) technician, and offer full Bronze and Gold services using genuine Harley parts. For more information about the Harley Davidson specific services, click here.

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